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I don't want to be worshipped... [entries|friends|calendar]
Tracy Samantha Lord

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[Wednesday, Jan. 2/08 - 18:46PM]
[ mood | bouncy ]

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I know this a little late but oh well LOL

I hope 2008 will be awesome. 2007 had its ups and downs, but I suppose that's like anything. Here's my recap of my year:

January-I turned 18 WOOT! lol So that was very exciting. My boyfriend broke up with me BOO! Oh well he wasn't worth it LOL. But yeah, that really bothered me a lot and took me a long time to get over but I realize now it was for the best now. But January wasn't really a fun month because of that...

February, March, April-Most of these months are kind of a blur which is kind of weird, but I do remember getting mononucleosis in March :( That really sucked. So I missed my ENTIRE spring track season. I couldn't run :( So that was really depressing. But I was able to throw the javelin LOL. These months were easy especially during senior year. OH! I do remember getting hypnotized at school HAHAHA. Funny stuff.

May-Last month of school EVER! Well, of high school haha. I finished May 18!! It was so nice to be DONE.

June-We graduated June 1st at Fitchburg State College because "supposedly" it was going to rain and they didn't want to do it in our gym because it's "too small and stuffy." But when we rehearsed and everything at Fitchburg State, it was just about the same size as our gym AND it was stuffy. So there really was no point! But graduation was extremely fun and we had Project Graduation after graduation from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. which was AMAZING! It was fun to stay up all night with good friends. AND....I got hypnotized AGAIN at like 1 a.m. which was AWESOMEEEE. I started a job after school ended, I worked at the superintendent's office at school as a secretary LOL it was kind of weird but I was old enough to do it since I had my high school diploma now.

July-I basically worked all summer and all of July, and I trained for track at college so I ran just about every single day after work. Summer was very, very busy.

August-I ended work I believe on August 18th then I went to cross country camp in Maine just outside of Augusta with the UMaine track team for about a week, which was a fun time. Tough, but fun. I got to know the team and it was a good time. We did some fun stuff at camp.

September-I started classes September 4th at UMaine, and found that college life was a lot different from high school, but it was for the good! I took some time to adjust but things ended up working out well. I ended up running in a XC meet vs. UNH which was a good time. I came in 2nd to last but hey, at least I did it haha :P

October, November, December-The last 3 months of the year I just had classes and ran every day basically. Went to some REALLY fun parties at college which is always a good time :) haha ;) I became really stressed and depressed though. I ended up getting a new roommate because my old one was the biggest bitch I had EVER met so we ended up doing a roommate switch. She was the source of most of my frustration and depression. SO glad I got a new roommate though! She is SO much better!

That's my recap of the year! Nothing extremely exciting, but it was good just the same. This past half year, college has really changed me. I feel like it's made me way more independent and mature, and I'm so glad with my choice of going to UMaine. I absolutely love it there, and I don't want to switch at all. I love college so much better than high school. High school sucked ass compared to college lol.

I'm working on a Kate tribute video for YouTube. I think it's going to come out really good. It's a combination of a slideshow and some video clips. I'm hoping it'll come out good :) It's gonna take a while to make so I probably won't have it done for another few weeks or so. I found this really nice Kate tribute video someone made:

I liked the Edith Piaf music in it. I thought it fit it pretty well!

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A little bit about my life... [Thursday, Dec. 27/07 - 19:36PM]
[ mood | calm ]

So I haven't been around much because of everything going on with college and whatnot. But I decided I missed LJ and all it's fantasticness lol. It really is fun. But life becomes chaotic, and I happened to forget all about it. Oh well it happens!

College really is amazing. High school is so lame compared to it lol. I really love UMaine, I feel like I really fit in there and I feel like it's my second home. I've met so many cool people and done so many fun things, it's just a really great place to be. I'm running track there too so it's been fun. I really like being on the track team. It's a lot of work and takes up a lot of time since it's Division 1 track but I find if I didn't do it I'd regret it and I don't know what else I'd be doing. And it really isn't as demanding as other sports, so I get time to do other things and meet other people. It's fun! I ran in one cross country race vs. UNH (University of New Hampshire) and didn't do too bad, but cross country really isn't my cup of tea since I was a 400m runner in high school. I only ran that one XC race for training and such, since I'm not really on the XC team since I'm not much of a distance runner. But my coach is making me do the 800m in indoor and outdoor and I wanna kill him haha. I hateee the 800 AHHH!!! Probably the most painful race! lol Oh well. We had one home indoor track meet already but I wasn't able to run because I sadly caught a stomach flu and it threw off my training :( But I can't wait to compete in the next meet. We have a meet in Quebec and I really want to go but I think he only takes a certain number of people and since I'm a freshman I don't think I'd be chosen. But we'll see! The track team is a good time, I enjoy everyone. We had a track formal party and it got kind of crazy but it definately was fun haha :P I wore a black cocktail type dress and it was a fun time.

Soooo my vacation is kind of boring, I wish I was back at UMaine sometimes! lol That's how much I love it. But I've taken some time to watch movies and get caught up on that. I just ordered Bringing Up Baby and Holiday on DVD. Yes, shame on me! I STILL haven't bought those DVDs! But I don't have much money usually so I hadn't been able to buy them. I have them on VHS but I decided it was time to get the DVDs. I still need to get a lot of other Kath films on DVD, but I figure each month I'll get one, when I get money. I didn't get any DVDs for Christmas and I was sad... lol That's why I ordered those!

So I really need to redo this layout! I need to add a header and figure out how to fix it. I'm going to attempt to do that now.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!!! :D I'm working on some icons I'm making I'll post them when I get a chance :)

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HELP! [Wednesday, Dec. 26/07 - 21:13PM]
Can someone make me a wicked cool layout?!?! I'd love you forever! And maybe possibly show me how to put it in? lol I'm so lost with all this layout stuff it's confusing me since they've changed things around on the site. I haven't been on here much on a while. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS! :)
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Wow! [Tuesday, Dec. 25/07 - 20:33PM]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Haven't been here in forever! Been so busy with college. UMaine is amazing I loveeee it :D More stories later.


Leave me comments! I want to hear from everyone. I haven't talked to people in so long. I'd like to hear from you all!

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Harry Potter is amazing [Saturday, Jul. 28/07 - 22:12PM]
[ mood | drained ]

Can I just say that I am having a Harry Potter obsession lately? lol Ever since the book came out I've gotten back into it. And I must say, I finished the book Tuesday night, and I cried. It was amazing!! So touching and completely emotional. I was also sad because the series are over now! I have grown up reading the books and waiting anxiously for the movies to come out-it was just an emotional feeling for me to have them end. Oh well, 2 more movies to look forward to! I can't wait. The 5th movie was good, but there were a few parts they left out that made me pissed because they were key parts, and the ending I don't think did the book justice, but it was good anyway.

I'm off to college in less than a month!! I am sooo nervous but excited. Oh man, I'm going to miss home :( But it'll be a good feeling to try something new. I am really getting sick of home anyway-I mean, I love being with my family and stuff but I want to experience freedom and I want to make new friends and see new things. I'm getting sick of being couped up in a place I've been in all my life. It's time for a change.

Blahhh I am tired. I work 30 hours a week now so the weekends are my only time to rest. So I am going to leave. Hope everyone has a good weekend! :)

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WHAAA??! [Monday, Jul. 23/07 - 21:07PM]
[ mood | curious ]

So I was poking around Google News and I happened to type Kate's name in and this came up:


Read it.

Ok, so I find that to be incredibly odd. Glenn Close as Kate?!?! I cannot picture that at all!!

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Can someone help me? [Sunday, Jul. 22/07 - 20:16PM]
[ mood | confused ]

Does anyone know how to make cool layouts? lol I want one with a neat sidebar and one where I can put a header on, possibly one I make myself. But I'm having trouble with codes and stuff. Could anyone give me a code to borrow and possibly help me a bit? It'd be much appreciated!! :)

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Question [Saturday, Jul. 21/07 - 21:51PM]
[ mood | chipper ]

Does anybody know where I could find some cool classic movie pre-made layouts for my journal?? :)

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HP7!!!! [Saturday, Jul. 21/07 - 18:13PM]
[ mood | giddy ]

I got HP7 last night at midnight and am reading it now. On page 130 or something lol. Gonna be reading it all night I am sure!! LOL. Who else got it last night???

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YAY! [Sunday, Jul. 15/07 - 13:37PM]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm on my new MacBook for college WOO! I love it! Wow I really need to come around here more. It's just hard when you're working and doing stuff all the time. I've been running and everything so it's been REALLY busy. But I will definately come back and check as often as I can! Who has a facebook??? I'm on that often.

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WHOA! [Wednesday, May. 23/07 - 15:59PM]
[ mood | excited ]

I have not been on this thing in SOOOO long! lol Well it is senior year and I've been terribly busy. I HAVE MY LAST FRIGGIN FINAL TOMORROW!!! Then I'm DONE!!!! SO PUMPEDD!!!!

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Hello dears [Sunday, Mar. 11/07 - 15:09PM]
[ mood | calm ]

I won this cool lobby card off ebay for $9:

Thought I'd put it on my wall with my dozen other classic movie posters/pictures that I don't need 8-)

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Hola mi amigos! [Tuesday, Mar. 6/07 - 19:02PM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Sooo I got accepted to another college yesterday-Keene State College in Keene, NH. Wicked pretty place! But....I already know where I'm going! WOO Go UMaine Class of 2011! :D

So schools sucks lately....like, I go and I do nothing all day. I hardly ever get homework, and it's just a total waste of time. I get up wicked early, and I do nothing. Then I come home wicked tired and I do it all over again the next day. It's just so frustrating...I just want to go to college NOW. Luckily I have all A's and B's though in school. But I have severe senioritis it's so bad haha. But like everyone else I know is in the same boat sooo yeah.

So um yeah I'm thinking about making another Kath podcast. I've got some stuff planned. I made audio clips of some films and stuff so it should be wayyy more entertaining than the last one haha. But if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! And if anyone is interested in helping in any way, it'd be great!

So I just realized I started every sentence of every paragraph with "so."


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OSCARS! [Sunday, Feb. 25/07 - 19:11PM]
[ mood | excited ]

On in an hour! I'm watching the Barbara Walters show right now. I'm so excited!

I hope she wins again!

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Haha I have no life [Friday, Feb. 23/07 - 21:20PM]
[ mood | blah ]

Since I had nothing to do tonight I compiled a list of my favorite movies on imdb.com. Thought I'd share it with you! I'll continue to add more. So far I have 128 movies.

128 hereCollapse )

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Umm I'm excited! [Friday, Feb. 23/07 - 16:15PM]
[ mood | excited ]

Someone posted this on imdb.com and I had to share it! Katharine Hepburn Collection being released on May 29th, 2007!:

read!Collapse )

OMG so excited!! Undercurrent, Morning Glory, The Corn is Green, Sylvia Scarlett, Dragon Seed, and Without Love YAY!

How I heart TCM.

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Dude, I'm so cool [Friday, Feb. 23/07 - 0:30AM]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I made a YouTube video of Kath and Spence WOO go me!

x-posted at khfansunite

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Hahaha [Thursday, Feb. 22/07 - 17:41PM]
[ mood | amused ]

LOL you all gotta watch this. The African Queen-Lego Version!:


This is brilliant.

This is cute too. Sorry, I feel like spamming my journal with Kate YouTube videos LOL

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Hi! [Thursday, Feb. 22/07 - 15:40PM]
[ mood | lazy ]

Hey everyone, been busy so haven't been on livejournal much. Anyway, I found this interesting clip on youtube of a recorded conversation between John Ford and Kate...I was really surprised to hear it-it's wicked interesting. Check it out if you haven't seen it: here

I visited UMaine on Monday! I went to the open house with my parents-it was cool because I got to talk to deparment heads and stuff, and I got a feel of what the campus is like. I really can't wait to go there! It's gonna be amazing. I'm excited to meet new people and stuff-I mean, I love the friends I have now but like it's gonna be cool to meet different people and just like have a new start you know?

I'm totally addicted to facebook. I don't know why either! They just make it addicting. The news feed thing is annoying and kind of sketchy but it also makes it addicting! Anyone have a facebook?? Mine is here if you want to add me!

Okay so I'm bored I'm gonna go do something. Au revoir!

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SWEET! [Wednesday, Feb. 7/07 - 16:50PM]
[ mood | happy ]

So how cool is this? I put The Philadelphia Story on my iPod!! :D I'm so PUMPED. I'm gonna add a bunch of others soon.

You should all try this if you have an iPod video. Go to this website: HandBrake. It's a DVD converter for iPod. And if you need a tutorial on it you can go here: tutorial

It's amazing! And it's free!

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